History of Title Insurance in Gallatin County

When this photograph was taken of the 1919 Bozeman Rodeo Parade, the land title records now owned and preserved by Security Title Company of Gallatin County were already 50 years old. Things moved a little slower back then. Horsepower was not a figure of speech but a living reality, even on Main Street. And you might say that horse power played a historical role in dispensing land in the West. Early settlers learned from the Indians a way of measuring lots. They found the distance bounded by a horizontal line sighted under the belly of a horse measured about 2 miles, if the land was level...and the horse was not in a family way. Today, of course, sighting by horse-belly doesn't give the precision we need for land exchange and ownership.

The historical and current records of our valley's land holdings and transactions are entrusted to the staff of Security Title Company. We offer more than "10 score years and six" of combined experience in examining and researching these valuable documents. As we at Security Title move into our 3rd decade of service to the Gallatin Valley, we know the world is going to speed up even more, while demanding greater precision and care. When it comes to land exchange, Security Title has the records and experienced staff to insure your peace of mind.


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