Trustee Sale Guarantee

The Trustee Sale Guarantee is an assurance specifically structured to meet the needs of a trustee or attorney contemplating the foreclosure of a Deed of Trust or Trust Indenture.

In particular, the form identifies all persons who, according to the public records, are entitled to receive notice of the contemplated trustee's sale. It also contains other information useful and necessary for the conduct of a proper trustee's non-judicial foreclosure.

The issuance of such form does not commit the issuing company to the further issuance of a policy of title insurance after foreclosure sale and recordation of the trustee's deed but a special title insurance rate accommodation is provided in the case of a purchaser at the trustee's sale requesting a policy of title insurance within 3 months from date of sale or in the event a Deed is taken in lieu of foreclosure.

Trustee Sale Guarantee Amount (amount owing): $

Trustee Sale Guarantee Premium: