Refinance Premium

A Mortgagee's title policy will be issued to insure the lien position of the Lender. All secondary market lenders will require Mortgagee's Extended Coverage.

Please choose a Mortgagee's Coverage Title Policy:
New Loan Amount: $

Mortgagee's Policy Premium:


Please Note: Endorsements No. 8.1-06, 9-06 and 22-06 are normally required for all Extended Coverage Mortgagee Policies. The total cost for these endorsements is $70.00. Also required is an encroachment inspection survey with a minimum charge of $125.00. For any other endorsement fees, inspection fees or credits, please call for an accurate quote at (406) 522-5500.

If Security Title Company insured the original loan being refinanced, and it is within 2 years, Security Title Company will give a refinance credit toward the rate as calculated above. Please call (406) 522-5500 for an accurate quote of the refinance credit amount.